Client Comments

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“Thanks again for your wonderful agency and for responding to my needs so quickly! Our doula was wonderful – I wish we could have her every day!”
-Mother of firstborn, N.E. Portland

“We just wanted to say how happy we were with your service. Our doula was fantastic! We will definitely be using your service again in the near future and will recommend you to other parents.
-Parents of singleton, S.W. Portland

I wanted to write and just say THANK YOU!!!  You snuck out with out me being able to tell you how awesome you are and how invaluable you were to my wife and I – worth every penny!  I would (and will) recommend you to everyone and anyone.
You Rock!
-Father of singleton, Sellwood

“She was just awesome… so kind and so helpful… Always wanting to do more to help… it has been great having her along on errands! Thanks so much for this invaluable service!”
-Mother of newborn, S.E. Portland

“Thank you so much for helping me to help my daughter with her wonderful baby!”
-Grandma who purchased postpartum services for daughter

“I cannot tell you how much we appreciate you! You have been such a gift to us!”
-Mother of three, West Linn, OR

“Our doula was very professional, helpful and knowledgeable. I felt confident that she would be able to care for my newborn well. I trusted her more than anyone else.”
-Mother of 3 month old, Tigard

“Nothing helped more than you encouragement, calm demeanor and warmth during those anxious moments that I had.”
-Mother struggling with depression, Portland

“Kimberly has played an integral role in the rearing of our first child. I must say that for father, mother and son, we are eternally grateful for having someone so skilled, knowledgeable and passionate to help us through this trying time. I give the strongest endorsement for Kimberly and her professionalism.”
-Father of 3 month old, West Linn

“She taught me how to breastfeed twins at the same time… she was great. We couldn’t manage the twins without her help.”
-Mother of twins, Beaverton

“Very enjoyable to work with. She was helpful and her assistance resulted in a relaxed mom and baby. She encouraged rest and relaxation for me and my spouse.”
-Mother of 2 month old, Lake Oswego

“She made sure I was comfortable, brought me drinks, cleaned the kitchen, played enthusiastically and at length with my three year old. (She even brought activities for him!) She asked what I wanted/needed and of course helped care for, bathe, feed, etc. the new baby.”
-Mother of 3 year old and newborn, N.E. Portland

“We thoroughly enjoyed having (her)… (She) helped us get off to a good start and get some much needed rest!”
-Mother of triplets, Portland

“She acted as a great addition to our family and really helped us be better parents. Thank you!”
-Father of 2 year old and newborn, Lake Oswego

“She gave me the confidence, emotional support and assurance I needed to be a mom and she was always positive and supportive every time I saw her. Because she is a mom herself she also has ideas, shortcuts and excellent suggestions based on experience and firsthand knowledge. She honestly cared about the health, well being, safety and happiness of our entire family. My family and I are incredibly fortunate to have had her in our lives and I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation or reservation.”
-Mother of 4 month old, Lake Oswego

“She offered information in regard to what to expect after a C-section in a kind and considerate manner. She shared many helpful tips in regard to breastfeeding, diaper rash and helped me with organizational tasks.”
-Mother of 8 year old and newborn, N.W. Portland

“Kimberly is great. She has a very reassuring and friendly manner. She taught us how to swaddle, wash, clip nails and most importantly – breastfeed. She also helped with minor household tasks when my wife and I were exhausted from the birth.”
-Father of newborn, Portland

“My experience was truly wonderful! I learned so much from Kimberly – both from what she talked about with me as well as by watching her natural gift for meeting babies needs!”
-Mother of 2 month old, Portland

“Kimberly provided us with much needed help, advice and support. We will always appreciate her assistance in getting us off to a good start as first time parents.”
-Mother of newborn, Hillsboro

“Kimberly was extremely supportive and professional. She displayed great care for our baby as well as for us as parents. I would definitely recommend her.”
-Father of newborn, Hillsboro

“Kimberly was great at helping me and my son breastfeed. She showed my proper posture and how to support my back and how to breastfeed while lying down. She also helped me learn how to check the latch and how to properly pump milk.”
-Mother of 3 month old, West Linn

“Kimberly helped me with every aspect of breastfeeding. If it wasn’t for her support, encouragement and expertise, I wouldn’t have continued nursing.”
-Mother of 2 year old and newborn, Lake Oswego